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Hot Chubby Raver Girl

Raver girls as a whole are a total annoyance. However sometimes a hot babe breaks through the crowd. This pink haired beauty with mammoth tits and killer sharp nails is hungry for more then a good dance party. She would eat you up and spit you out and still have room for more. I would motorboat those titties for hours. Look out titties here we come.


Who Said Black Girls don’t Give BJ’s

I Heard a funny comment the other day. Black girls don;t give head. It got me to thinking, Do black girlsĀ  hate Sucking sausage. Well i came across this video that shows that not only do they suck cock, but they take it all and love it. What makes it better is this girl has some extra love pounds. I am not black by anymeans but i would pay to be this guy